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About Cockney Rejects

Cockney Rejects : An Oi punk band formed out of the East End in 1979, arguably one of the best bands in the genre, their song "Oi! Oi! Oi!" gave the sub-genre of punk its name. The begining of the band was closely related to West Ham football Scene, and their rowdy shows reflected it. They are currently recording and touring in the European States. (Oi ! Just toss in a few song requests If you want em.
Take a good look at the top24, just one glance can tell you that fans of the Cockney Rejects arn't the same cookie cutter facist youths being produced at the emo shows of today. We are all a bit different, its the ability to overlook these inane differences, and come together to make a change that makes us strong. So what if the Cockney Rejects fanpage doesnt have two million friends ? Weve got people whose lives wouldnt have been the same without this music, and no major label can even touch that... Heres to Punk, and heres to us.

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